RASENBERG FAMILY DONATES 10K to the South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala

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News Release
Rasenberg Family Supports South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala 2015

Rasenberg Family photo

Exeter, ON, June 3, 2015
The South Huron Hospital Foundation is extremely pleased to welcome the Rasenberg Family as a PLATINUM SPONSOR for Gala 2015. “This wonderfully generous gift of $10,000 clearly tells the community how vital our local hospital is and how imperative it is to support the little hospital that does”, says Kimberley Payne, Executive Director of the Foundation. Gala 2015 will be held at the South Huron Recreation Centre on Friday June 12 with Peter Mansbridge, chief correspondent for CBC News and anchor of CBC’s The National, providing the evening’s entertainment.
“The Rasenberg Family is very pleased to be able to offer our assistance and support to our local hospital” said SueAnn Rasenberg.
“The generosity and commitment demonstrated by the Rasenberg Family to the South Huron community is exceptional”, says Hospital Foundation Board Chair Pat O’Rourke.
The goal of this year’s Gala is an extensive investment in the hospital’s in-patient rooms with the installation of new headwall systems. The anticipated cost for this investment is $150,000. The headwall is a critical element of any hospital patient’s room. Headwall systems facilitate better healing because all equipment and supplies required for the medical needs of the patient are easily accessible right at the patient’s bed. Research has shown that the architecture of patient rooms does affect health and a good design of a hospital’s physical environment promotes better clinical outcomes, increases safety, and reduces stress for both patients and staff. South Huron Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Ken Milne explains, “We want to create an environment that is caring, compassionate, and comfortable…we want you in a place that makes you feel well, not sick, a place closer to your home – one that feels a little more like home.”
Over the last five years, $286,000 has been raised for the South Huron Hospital Association through the Foundation Gala. These funds have been used to purchase equipment including a Central Monitoring and Cardiac Telemetry System, two Defibrillators, a Portable Ultrasound Machine and an upgraded Ultrasound Machine.

For more information call 519-235-2700 x5133 or email [email protected]

About the South Huron Hospital Foundation: The South Huron Hospital Foundation is dedicated to improving both the access to and the quality of health care in South Huron and area. The Foundation will accomplish this objective by engaging the broad community in canvasses and fund-raising activities. Further, in partnership with the South Huron Hospital Board and the physicians who service the hospital, the Foundation will allocate these funds to support specific projects identified as priorities