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As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers!  This is our first spring season with our backyard gardens and they are in full bloom, adding a lovely backdrop from the resident’s rooms.  The water feature is trickling and adding to the very peaceful ambiance for our residents and their families.

As we approach June and the first anniversary of being open, we have taken a moment to reflect back on the families that have been with us.  It is a special job that we do to be a part of the end of someone’s life, offering compassionate support to both our residents and their families and friends.  We have shared some tears and lots of laughs with those who have been a part of this first year at Jessica’s House.  We will acknowledge these families with our first memorial garden party in June.  This is an opportunity for these families to come back and reconnect with our staff and volunteers.  Did you know that Jessica’s House has supported 35 families during the first year?  Through the ongoing support from the community we continue to completely self funded without financial support from the government.  Your support and kindness means more than we could ever say!

For anyone who is new diagnosed or living with life threatening illness we want to invite you to attend our “Circle of Friends” support group.  Our vision for this group is to support and connect community members through their journey, providing friendship and mutual support.  The group meets the first Thursday of each month, in June that will be June 6th from 2-3pm. If you are interested in hearing more about this please don’t hesitate to call Kim Winbow at 519-235-2510.  There is not cost to attend, all are welcome.

Volunteers are a vital part of any community endeavor and of course Jessica’s House is not exception.  We are recruiting for both in house volunteers as well as interested persons who would like to be part of the operations committee for the hospice.  Come and be a part of this amazing community project!  For more information please email

Events on the horizon….

Saturday July 6th, 2019 Jessica’s House Music Weekend

Thursday November 7th, 2019 Jessica’s House Handbags for Hospice

If you or anyone in your family are dealing with end-of-life issues please don’t hesitate to call for support at any time.  Community outreach is a key component to the support that is offered before someone is admitted into Jessica’s House.