Introducing the 2020 UnGala Gala Fundraising Event

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The South Huron Hospital Foundation is exceptionally excited to present “The UnGala Gala” on Friday June 5th! A virtual event that will leave you entertained and certain in the knowledge you have supported ‘the little hospital that does’ in a meaningful but fun way.

Due to COVID19, it was with profound regret that we had to cancel our physical Gala 2020 because we know how much it is anticipated every year, but that didn’t stop us from getting creative, since we are vitally aware of the need for funding ‘the little hospital that does’, after this pandemic has moved on. The need will still be there for critical work to be done, work that ensures our hospital remains current and safe for our staff and community.

Proceeds from this year’s gala will fund an important renovation, creating a safe room in the emergency department. This room will keep our staff and patients safe in the event of a violent incident. We will also be funding the Recruitment, Training and Retention of nurses who are unique to Emergency Department needs and have a different skill set. This could mean the difference between the possible overnight closure of our Emergency Department and remaining open for our community.

Details are on our events page here